If there’s one thing I hate the most then it has to be editing images. I just don’t seem to get it right. Well, what do you know! There’s seems to be an easy way out of this.

PhotoFunia lets you put yourself on hundreds of different pics. PhotoFunia is a free online tool that offers you a vast variety of templates to put yourself into.

The quality of images made by this online tool is commendable. Check out my pics which have been created with PhotoFunia.

I bet you never noticed it was me in the ‘Pirates Of the Caribbean‘ ;o)

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In the days of the aviation boom, I was one of the finest pilots around. Days of yore I must say!

photofunia, online free image editing tool

What! You never knew I was featured ¬†on the cover of vogue! Don’t talk to me :-/

online image editor

Who do you think was responsible for saving the world?

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You have no idea how possessive fans can be at times.

online image editing software

Please don’t tell them I blog at iSimplyBlog.com ;o)

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