Alright, I’m at it again! But then you can call this video a kind of a documentary from Google itself. So its kinda official video!! Now why shouldn’t I be mentioning it on my blog ;o)

There’s this beautiful lady who’s been with google for like four years and know what..she’s part of the gmail team.. the mail service from google that took the world of reading and writing emails to a different level. When you see such products you’ll be like…google must be filled with nerds to get such great products out in the market but hey… the googlers are anything but nerds!!

This video also mentions about the 20% rule at google.. Engineers here get to work on their own projects(It can be anything they want) 20% of the time!! Now ain’t that awesome?

There’s this lady who was in the team that developed the google movies concept and she says it was a result of the 20% thing!!

And hey…. Don’t you forget to check out the last person to speak about how it is to work for google… I wont tell you who the person is.. check it out yourself :)

Pssssttt…. What do you think about the shoes?

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