Lets have a look at how we can add a static page to Blogger.com blogs. If you are one of those who needs an “About” or “About Me” section and other similar pages on Blogger.com but never knew how to do it then read on.

Blogger.com doesn’t really provide an option for including static pages the way wordpress does. But as they say, in the world of tech, nothing’s impossible. We have a workaround for having pages in Blogger.com.

1. Click on “New Post” on Blogger.com

2. Write whatever you want your static page to display in this new post.

3. In the page where you write your new post, you will see a link ‘Post Options‘. Click on it.

4. Click on ‘Don’t Allow‘ . Do this only if you do not want comments on the static page.

5. You will also see that you can change the post date and time. Now this is really important. If you are going to have a static page in Blogger.com then you should see to it that it doesn’t end up in your subscribers feed readers. So, the best thing to do is to go to your very first post and see the date (by the way do you remember the day when you wrote your very first post?). Change the date of this new post to something before the date of your first post.

6. When you’re all done click the ‘Publish Post‘ button.

The steps below will guide you on how to prevent the post date from appearing in the post that you just published. (Do this only if you feel that a page shouldn’t have a post date)

1. In your blogger blog, click the Layout tab.

2. Click the Edit HTML link.

3. Click on the Expand Widget Templates checkbox.

4.  Search for <data:post.dateHeader/>

5. Before the above code, add the following :

<b:if cond=’data:post.allowComments’>

6. After <data:post.dateHeader/> include the following:


The above steps tell Blogger not to display the date for posts that have comments disabled. Since we have disabled the comments for our static page, the page won’t display the post date as well.

Once you have created a post in the above mentioned way, you can start placing links to the static page from anywhere you feel appropriate in your blog.

I felt that the Description part of a blog is the best to add static pages in Blogger. Here are the steps:

1. Click on Settings.

2. Click on the link named Basic.

3. You will see a row named Description. Add your URL here. For example, if the url of your new static page is http://isimplyplay.blogspot.com/2006/09/static-page.html , then in the description you can add the code as below :

<a href=”http://isimplyplay.blogspot.com/2006/09/static-page.html“>Static Page</a>

I hope you get a clear idea on how to add static pages to blogger through this article. Contactme if you have any doubts.

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P.S. Before you try changing the codes, make sure you try this in some dummy blog and then implement it on your main blog so that you are sure of the code changes that you are doing.

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