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Adnan Sami speaks his heart out in this interview to msn . Some of the replies are hilarious. I particularly liked this:

My absence from the music launch of ’1920′ had sparked  speculations that I’d had a heart attack. (Laughs) This time if I didn’t turn up, people would say that I was giving birth to a baby.

Adnan Sami speaks about his work, gives some info as to how he lost weight and how his waist has reduced from 82 to 34 inches!!  Its shocking, I mean 82 inches!!

He also talks about how he got his wife back after losing weight (we can make a movie on this ‘Slim hai toh Honey hai’). Reading this interview I also got to know that as a teenager he was the captain of the school squash team and was an active polo, rugby and hockey player too!

Read the complete interview here

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