I bet the idea of seeing Akshay Kumar and Jackie Chan together on screen must have occurred to you at least once. Well, I guess this idea might materialize pretty soon!

It’s known to everyone that Akshay’s a big fan of Jackie Chan and had been nursing this desire to work with him for a long time now. Akshay and Jackie Chan share a lot in common at a professional level. Both of them insist on doing all their stunts themselves.

The film’s going to be an all out action flick (what else do you expect when Khiladi meets Chan?). I guess after sharing screen space with the sexy Mallika Sherawat , Jachie Chan has developed a liking for Bollywood ;o)

The film will be produced by Ashtavinayak . When the film will go into production, what the script of the film will be is all unknown right now.

But there are speculations that the movie would be on the lines of ‘Rush Hour ‘ which depicted the meeting of two different cultures. A similar thing might happen in the new movie too where they may depict an Indian meeting a Cheeni ;o)

Let’s hope Akki and Jackie Chan work together. It would be a treat for all bollywood film buffs.

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