I’ve always held this opinion that Earth cannot be the only planet with life. Besides, the universe is such a big place that GOD would definitely have been tempted to create a few more planets with life on them.

This news just made my belief in extra terrestrial life even more stronger. I do not know how much of it is true but then… who cares. Like the stories we used to hear when we were kids, its fun to hear them and put a bit of our imagination into it.

Apparently, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell has revealed that Aliens have visited Earth a number of times but the governments have kept the public in the dark about it. He says, being an astronaut helped him get some info about UFO’s landing on Earth.

He goes on to add that these creatures are more sophisticated than we are but less harmful compared to us.

Read the whole story here.

Now, either this story is fake or this astronauts a real believer in aliens. Whichever way… I liked reading it :)

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