I tried so hard to find a beautiful blogger, I gave up, I moved on – Nischal ;o)

Why there will never be a BEAUTIFUL blogger

Blogging needs time , interest and of course a bit of knowledge . Now friends, beauties as we all know, have neither the time nor the interest and about knowledge ( no comments).


= Fantasy

1. Time: Beautiful girls always complain

"I had no time at all (a small sad pause) to put on the eye liner."

"I thought of applying a third layer of lipstick but was getting late" . You kidding me! How much more will you torture those lips! And if they are ever done with their make up (this is rarely the case) but there’s always a chance. OK, so if they are ever done with their make-up then the remaining day is spent cursing themselves saying

"My eyes are big"

"I need to go on dieting"  (this usually never happens due to, again, lack of time). If they ever decide to go jogging, their make-up will take all the jogging time (yup, make-up is a must whether you go jogging or even if you go to play Holi ! )

2. Interest: How can a beauty ever develop interest in something else other than make-up! If she has, she isn’t the typical beauty I’m talking about here.

3. Knowledge: Now now, don’t you start thinking that I mean to say beauties are dumb ( ;o) ) They are really intelligent. Anyone can write 100 lines of code, anyone can design cars, jets etc etc. But try remembering which make up goes on which part of that tiny face, how many layers of make up for each occasion, the name of the latest nail polish from maybellene or lakme (trust me doctors would agree medicine names are a lot more easier) and you would forgive them if they lack the knowledge about other things in this world.

And if you still aren’t convinced about the knowledge part check this post which describes how to put on a lip liner.

Yeah, that about puts my views as to why beauties will never blog and neither read this post of mine.

If you wanna chip in some points of your own go ahead leave a comment.

On a more serious note, I sometimes thank GOD that these beauties exist. Soothes the eye ;o)

P.S. If you are a girl reading this post and you wanna protest, let me remind you, you aren’t the typical beauty I’m talking about. Because those beauties will never ever (I’m confident about this) read this post.

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