If you see my category list, you’ll find that I have a whole lot of categories. I do not want to create a niche. Yeah, don’t be surprised. Niche is grossly over-rated. Come on, lets blog whatever interests us. So, that means sometimes I blog about films while at times I would also love to blog about increasing traffic to your blog, cool widgets for your site etc.

Now, I do not want to force these feeds onto my readers. So what I thought was to have a few category feeds. As I found out, it’s not that difficult after all! Actually, wordpress has already thought about it. All we need to do is know how to use it.

Now, lets take a category on my blog as an example. You will notice that I have a category called as ‘Blog Stuff ‘. Let’s try and create a separate feed for this category so that readers who aren’t interested in films (are there any!!) can subscribe only to blogging related articles.

There’s a url format that you need to keep in mind (you might not remember the url later so better bookmark this post ;o) )

http://www.(your blog name).com/?feed=rss2&cat=(the category ID)

You can find the category ID of the category you wish to create a separate feed for, by clicking on the respective category and checking out the ID in the address bar.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

From what you can see, the category ‘Blog Stuff’ has the number ’344′ as its category ID. Thus, the url for my ‘Blog Stuff’ category feed would be,


Enter the category feed url into your feedburner account and create a separate feedburner feed for the category of your choice.

Update : If your blogs category is of the form

http://www.(your blog name).com/category/(category name) or something similar to this wherein there’s no category ID then all you need to do is append "feed" at the end of the url of this category. Thus your new category feed in such a case would be

http://www.(your blog name).com/category/(category name)/feed .

(This update has been made thanks to the question asked by Abhijeet in the 3rd comment on this post)

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