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I’m a big Google fan and love to spread news about their services. Google has had Phone Search for users of Hyderabad city in India for some time now, and they have just released this service to users of Mumbai and Bangalore too! Since I currently stay at Bangalore, this was good news to me. [...]

The Gmail team has introduced a few changes to the buttons on Gmail. To begin with, you will notice that the button styles have changed. They are sharper than before. Apart from the style change, Gmail has introduced two new buttons, Move To and Labels . The Move To button will help you to better [...]

How to share web pages without RSS

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You can share items from websites which do not have an RSS feed with the help of Google Reader ! Follow the steps below and you should be good with sharing almost anything available over the Internet  with your friends and fans Go to your Google Reader Click Notes link present in your left sidebar [...]

Offline Gmail

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Gmail has introduced an offline Gmail feature that would allow you to access your Gmail even when there is no internet connection! You can send, delete and read mails the way you would when online and the synchronization would happen as soon as there is an internet connection. This would make desktop mail clients like [...]

The Great Google Goof Up! (SCREENSHOT INCLUDED)

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If you are quick enough then you might just be able to witness a phenomenon never to happen again (or so we all Google fans hope) Do any search on Google and you would see "This site may harm your computer " warning! I’ll update what the Google guys have to say on this soon. [...]


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