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LeapFish is a meta search engine. By meta search, we mean search engines that use services from other search engine providers to display results. So whats great you ask eh? I’m not a big fan of such meta searchers but LeapFish looks a lot better and more appealing than the hundreds of met search engines [...]

Gmail Labs has introduced a new button Send & Archive . When you reply to a mail, you get the option to Archive the conversation at the click of a single button. The big question is, How many will actually find this useful!? Having separate Send and Archive buttons gives you the flexibility to not [...]

View Gmail Attachments in Google Viewer

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A few months Gmail started displaying PDF files in the Google Viewer whenever users clicked on the View button for PDF attachments received in mails. GoogleSystem has found a way to use the Google Viewer to view DOC as well as PPT attachments in Google Viewer. Follow the steps below to view your DOC or [...]

I had previously blogged about Google countdown to 2009 where Google gives you one new tip everyday until New Years. I found today’s tip particularly useful. We all have friends from around the world and at times it gets pretty difficult to guess what the current time is in the country where your friend is [...]

If you want to transfer all your old mails from one Gmail account to another or from other mail providers like Yahoo (only if you are a Yahoo! Mail Plus subscriber), Hotmail etc. to your new Gmail account then Gmail has the easiest option for you. In your new Gmail account Click Settings Go to [...]


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