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Google has introduced two new options in the image type filter, namely clip art and line drawings . The filter already consists of Faces – which lets you search for images containing faces in it. Photo content -  which lets you search for images that contain photographic elements thus ignoring cartoons and drawings that you [...]

How To Download Images from Orkut Albums

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Orkut has disabled right click on images in the albums. But a lot of times you may need to download and save images of either you or your friends on your desktop. Listed below are various ways to download images from Orkut Albums using Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox or Opera . 1. Download Orkut [...]

Google Friend Connect now allows you to sign in using your twitter account. When you join a site which uses Google Friend Connect using your twitter account, you get to see your followers who have already registered on the site thus helping you network with your friends better. As most of you know, twitter can [...]

Google Chrome out of Beta – The Real Reason?

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Google Chrome , the supposedly cool and simple to use browser from Google has finished 100 days, engages 10 million active users and is out of beta. TechCrunch was one of the first to post about this as it was Google vice president Marissa Mayer who made this information public in an interview with Michael [...]

Tasks in Gmail Labs

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How many times have you sent yourself an email as a reminder? A lot of people do that and that includes me too. Tasks in Gmail has been introduced to address this problem. Whether you have a phone bill to pay after 2 days or have to take your pet to the vet, Gmail Tasks [...]


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