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Gmail keyboard shortcuts – Be quicker

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Gmail allows you to use keyboard shortcuts. You need to enable it before you can start using these keyboard shortcuts. Enable keyboard shortcuts for Gmail by clicking on Settings followed by the Keyboard shortcuts on radio button found under the General tab. These Gmail shortcuts will help you use Gmail more conveniently and faster too. [...]

Google says “Square is the new Round”

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A few weeks back Google added some enhancements to Google Reader and now comes news of a major upgrade. When I started using Google Reader, I was of the opinion that it had the best interface and nothing could beat it. But I guess, if there’s someone who can beat Google, it’s Google itself! As [...]

The official Google India Blog

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I’m a Google fan and I love keeping myself in the loop with respect to the new product launches at Google. While going through the official Google blog, I wondered if they had an official blog for India since Google India employs the largest Google workforce outside the US. Well, there is an official Google [...]

Finally, Google has come out with the Gmail gadget for Google desktop. Gmail gadget needs Google Desktop version 5 or above for windows. Using the Gmail desktop gadget, you can do basic operations such as reading mail, searching and sending messages. You can star important messages too! The gadget can be easily resized according to [...]

Google countdown to 2009

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The year 2008 has been an eventful year for Google. Tons of exciting products were launched right from Google sms channels to the Google browser. If Chrome was anything to go by, the name tags feature in the new version of picasa was all the more exciting. 2008 also saw Google completing 10 years and [...]


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