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Google Reader ‘Show Details’ enhanced

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Google has enhanced the Show Details option in Google Reader. When you click on Show Details while reading a feed, you would be able to check out the pattern and frequency of new posts by the author of that feed. It also displays your reading pattern. So you would know the days when you have [...]

Let me Google that for you

In: Google Stuff

Are you often bothered by friends with doubts that can be easily solved by googling? Do you ask yourself “Now why can’t they just Google it!?” Well, here comes LetMeGoogleThatForYou. Not that it’s going to stop people from asking you silly doubts (nothing can be done about it, it’s your charm thats attracting them ) [...]

Gmail security – Google’s update

In: Google Stuff

Recently, there were reports that Gmail accounts are being hacked and filters created in order to forward sensitive information to the hackers. Google has come out with a post on its security blog where Google claims that this is not really possible. Google goes on to add that the whole episode was a result of [...]

Google Translate now in Google Reader

In: Google Stuff

Subscribing to blogs written in languages you do not understand just got easier. Google has integrated the translate feature for feeds! Steps to follow : 1. Subscribe to a blog of your choice. 2. Click on ‘Feed Settings‘ and select ‘Translate into my language‘. Google will translate the feed into the current language of your [...]

Gmail security flaw exploited by hackers

In: Google Stuff

Recently, I read an article where the author claimed that his domain was hacked and transferred to someone else and Gmail seems to be the culprit! Apparently, the problem lies in the Filters that we have in Gmail. The hacker takes advantage of these filters to create a filter that would forward a mail from [...]


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