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Hear Google San Franciscans speak

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Everything about Google fascinates me. Be it the new products they keep churning out every other day or the various doodles they put up on their homepage. There’s something about GOOGLE ;o) So its obvious that if I lay my eyes on a video of googlers from San Francisco office sharing their views about google [...]

Google friend connect – its awesome!!!

In: Google Stuff

If you wanna get a first hand experience of Google friend connect then check it out at Ingrid’s site. All you need to do is click on "sign in" found at the top of the site and enter your google account username and password. Then you can link your Gtalk and orkut account. They claim [...]

Google makes Gmail faster

In: Google Stuff

Yup, you heard it right. As if the previous speed of gmail wasn’t enough, google has just made gmail faster than ever, or so they claim in the gmail blog . I’m a gmail user myself and I guess the change in speed is noticeable. What they have done this time to speed up gmail [...]


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