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Optimize your wordpress blog URL

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I changed my blog’s url structure from the wordpress default to The new url makes more sense and also helps in gaining more search engine love, since search engines prefer your pages if they have the required keywords in the URL. If you have a self hosted wordpress blog and would love to [...]

Don’t lose hope

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Bloggers like me start out with a lot of enthusiasm at first but eventually lose hope and give up. A common complaint I hear from bloggers is that it’s no use trying to compete with the big blogging networks. They say you can never beat them. True, most of us might never be able to [...]

Do you have multiple email accounts? Are you active on social networks like twitter, FaceBook, MySpace and LinkedIn? Do you have friends on Gtalk, Yahoo messenger, MSN etc? If you answered in the positive then you must be in the same situation as I was until now. It was an ordeal to check all my [...]

Create image signatures of your blog feeds

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A true blogger never leaves an opportunity to publicize his/her blog. Here’s a way to spread the word about your blog whenever you send emails to your friends. Create an image of your blog feed like the one below and embed it in all the emails that you send. This service is brought to you [...]

Convert Email Id to Image

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How many times have you had to worry about getting spams in your email before posting your email id in a forum or for that matter in your own blog? I too face this dilemma everytime I decide to post my email id either for my readers or in some forums. Spammers usually have software [...]


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