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How to add pages to Posterous Blogs

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As I had mentioned in my previous post on adding pages to Blogs, if you do not have a straight way of doing something then there’s always a workaround ;o) We make use of the ‘private‘ post option that posterous has in order to avoid the static page that we will create from being [...]

Google SMS Channels

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Google SMS Channels lets you subscribe to various content on the Internet and receive updates on such subscriptions through SMS. Google SMS Channels not only allows subscriptions to your favourite blogs and their feeds but also lets you create groups where your friends can subscribe and then you can send messages within this group for [...]

Add Static Pages To Blogs

In: Blog Stuff

Lets have a look at how we can add a static page to blogs. If you are one of those who needs an “About” or “About Me” section and other similar pages on but never knew how to do it then read on. doesn’t really provide an option for including static pages [...]

This post’s for all you Bloggers who have a blog at ( ). Do you have a lot of categories (labels as they are called) ? Do you feel some of your readers would want to subscribe only to a category in your blog rather than subscribing to all the posts on the blog? [...]

Favicon for your Blog – How To

In: Blog Stuff

Seen those small images which appear on the address bar when you visit a site? Well, they are called as Favicons. I got the idea to write this post when Kiran asked me her doubt regarding the same. Here’s how you add a favicon for your site. First decide on an image that you would [...]


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