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Shah Rukh in Lara’s good books

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News is that while shooting for Billo Barber , Shah Rukh Khan who’s known for his hospitality towards his co-stars, was instrumental in helping Lara Dutta . Apparently, the shoot for the film was in a remote location. Leave aside the 5 star accommodations that these stars are so used to, the place did not [...]

Akshay Kumar and Jackie Chan to work together

In: Entertainment

I bet the idea of seeing Akshay Kumar and Jackie Chan together on screen must have occurred to you at least once. Well, I guess this idea might materialize pretty soon! It’s known to everyone that Akshay’s a big fan of Jackie Chan and had been nursing this desire to work with him for a [...]

Adnaan Sami’s candid confessions

In: Entertainment

Adnan Sami speaks his heart out in this interview to msn . Some of the replies are hilarious. I particularly liked this: My absence from the music launch of ’1920′ had sparked  speculations that I’d had a heart attack. (Laughs) This time if I didn’t turn up, people would say that I was giving birth [...]

Raaz part 2 – The Mystery Continues

In: Entertainment

Remeber the Bipashu Basu starer Raaz? Well, now get ready for Raaz part 2 named as  ‘Raaz – The Mystery Continues ‘, to be released in January, 2009. I hope this turns out to be scarier than Raaz and really spooks the audience. It’s been quite a while since we saw really spooky films. Though [...]

Top Bollywood Couples

In: Entertainment

My Take – The Best 8 I thought why not compile a list of the best couples in bollywood currently and share some info on them. Here’s my list and they are in no particular order. 1. Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan Kareena aka Bebo dumped her actor boyfriend Shahid Kapur for Chotay Nawab [...]


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