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Gmail has Tasks to remind you about things to do. There is RTM in case you want a full fledged reminder service. But a lot of people would want to set reminders in an easy way and keep it as a one off activity. I discovered a cool site a few days back but was [...]

ClerkDogs is a movie recommendation engine. All you need to do is type in the name of a movie you like and ClerkDogs finds other movies which are similar to the one typed by you. I tried typing in Troy and got quite a few satisfactory movies like Gladiator , Braveheart , 300 etc. which [...]

This is BIG news! Microsoft, the company not known to being generous to users has launched a FREE and Open Source Blogging Platform ! Oxite , as it is called is not just a blogging platform. It has much more than that. Alright, at first look, it seems it’s got just about everything you would [...]

Jam Legend – Jam online for free

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Jam Legend is a free online game that lets you Jam in front of a sold out crowd ;o) You hold your keyboard like a guitar, the F1 to F5 keys act like the strings of a guitar and the Enter key is used to strum. Before you start, have a look at the tutorial [...]

The site says: Songbeat is the music player for your Desktop: Find, listen, and download! You can organize, label, and filter your music in the Songbeat library or burn it directly to CD. Save and record online radio stations and discover new music through digital mixtapes. With just one click, you can automatically export these [...]


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