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Pownce is shutting down

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Pownce can be called as one of the many twitter clones that came about when twitter mania hit the web. But Pownce surprisingly was a lot better than most of the clones. It’s a pity it’s shutting down. In times to come, I guess a lot more twitter clones will shut down. I don’t think [...] – write a little more

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The other day I came across some really funny lines that I wanted all my friends to read. I usually post all funny mails on my posterous but this one was 18+++ so couldn’t do it on any blog. That’s when I came across There may be times when you would want to share [...]


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OtherInbox is not just another email solution for you. This can come handy in more ways than just reading email. Remember the times when you’ve been reluctant to give away your email address on some site or to someone? With OtherInbox you need not worry about that any more! When you sign up on OtherInbox, [...]

Firefox has thousands of add-ons available out there for you to use. At times it gets unnerving to search through the never ending list. This is where Fashion Your Firefox comes in handy. Mozilla has created a list of categorized firefox plugins that should be useful to you. You need to have latest version of [...]

Keyboardr – Search something!

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Keyboardr integrates google search, google image search, youtube search, wikipedia and a few more services and returns the results in a single page. I know what your first reaction would be – “That would clutter the page!” . But I was surprised to see that the site has a smart design which really doesn’t clutter [...]


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