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Mozilla Firefox lets you create different profiles so that you can have more than one instance of Firefox on your computer. Creating multiple profiles can be beneficial in a number of ways. I have multiple Firefox profiles – one for blogging, another for trying out new plugins, yet another which has absolutely no plugins (Firefox [...]

Convert tinyURL to LongURL

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If you are a twitter user then you would know the dilemma of having to click a link posted using a url shortening service. You can never be sure where the url would lead you to. Well, if you use Firefox then you can install a plugin from . It is a firefox plugin [...]

Firefox has thousands of add-ons available out there for you to use. At times it gets unnerving to search through the never ending list. This is where Fashion Your Firefox comes in handy. Mozilla has created a list of categorized firefox plugins that should be useful to you. You need to have latest version of [...]

A lot of my friends have been asking me about ways to download videos from the internet. I often keep hearing “How do I download Youtube Videos?” or “There is this cool video on and I want to download it, do you know of any sites or software that can help me in such [...]

If you are active on twitter or other such similar sites, then you would definitely be involved in shortening url’s quite often to post them in your updates. It gets a bit tedious to visit a url shortening service each time to shorten a url. Here is a great plugin for Mozilla Firefox which you [...]


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