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Google Friend Connect now allows you to sign in using your twitter account. When you join a site which uses Google Friend Connect using your twitter account, you get to see your followers who have already registered on the site thus helping you network with your friends better. As most of you know, twitter can [...]

Convert tinyURL to LongURL

In: Mozilla Firefox Plugins, Twitter Stuff

If you are a twitter user then you would know the dilemma of having to click a link posted using a url shortening service. You can never be sure where the url would lead you to. Well, if you use Firefox then you can install a plugin from . It is a firefox plugin [...]

TweetBeep – Free Twitter Alerts by Email

In: Twitter Stuff

The site says: TweetBeep is like Google Alerts for Twitter! Put in a keyword or website, and get emails when others tweet it! TweetBeep isn’t a twitter interface. It’s an app to help you keep track of things that interest you. Know that feel-good factor you encounter when someone mentions your blog in conversations with [...]

iTweet – Interface for Twitter

In: Twitter Stuff

Twitter has thousands of web as well as desktop clients built around it. I have this thing of checking out all twitter clients I come across. Trust me, it can be fun at times! iTweet is one of the most useful web interfaces for twitter. The most important feature that caught my eye was the [...]

In their own words: Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Twitter sounds boring at first, but trust me, as you start using it, you would know how useful it can be. I [...]


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