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Will he win the best comeback line?

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via rockinghamremembered.com Read this courtroom conversation and decide for yourself if this officer is fit to win the best comeback line – Conversation here.

via holykaw.com(click to go to original post) Holy Kaw! You get this car if you happen to work for AllTop!!! Damn!

The Human Calendar

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What day is it? This is a nice gadget for your blogs. Embed it anywhere you like and you should have a cool human calendar that you can show off. The site provides code for various types of blogs, so you should be able to get the one that suites you. Click here to get [...]


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MelZoo is a search engine with a completely different take on the search result layout . The result screen is divided into 2 parts with the left side displaying the search results and the right side displaying the preview of the site on which you hover your mouse pointer. Apart from the different User Interface [...]

Bush and the Flying Shoe Video

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American President George Bush had a surprise for himself from an Iraqi journalist who threw his shoe at Bush. George Bush’s amazing reflexes saved the day for him. I must add, Spiderman would be proud of George Bush’s reflexes ;o) P.S. When you play the video there will be a small advertisement before the actual [...]


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