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Transfer your Mozilla Firefox profiles

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Do you need to transfer your Mozilla Firefox profiles (bookmarks, saved password, plugins etc.) from one computer to another. There might be a number of reasons why you may want to do this. May be you plan to change your hard disk. May be you just bought a new PC and plan to chuck the [...]

Prison Break Season 4

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For all you Prison Break fans. Finally, Prison Break Season 4 is here! You can read the complete review of the first episode here. Here are a few trailers for Season 4 : I liked this one a lot ;o)

Hangouts in Bangalore

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Every weekend I need to crack my head finding some new place to hangout. It gets really boring to go to the same cafe or restaurant. There seems to be something good here. I received this mail as a forward from a friend of mine that has a list of all the hangouts in Bangalore [...]

Rajnikant to the rescue

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So you thought there’s no one like Anil Ambani when he gave away Rs. 5000 crores from his personal wealth to investors of RPower after the IPO debacle? Think again. Rajnikant plans to give away around Rs. 10 crore (that’s big money in films) to the distributors of his latest flick Kuselan . Apparently, Kuselan [...]

Omar Abdullah stops blogging!

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Parliamentarian Omar Abdullah has quit blogging! Omar took this drastic step after receiving a lot of personal abuses as comments on his blog. Since April, 2008 Omar has blogged 42 posts and received almost 900 comments from people all over the globe. But what Omar couldn’t tolerate was the constant abuses being hurled towards him [...]


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