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Super Crew, Super Dance!

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Watch this super cool dance from a group that calls itself SUPER CR3W . The show they are performing in is called America’s Best Dance Crew . This one’s got the punjabi song.. mundiya tu bachkay rahi!!! Check out the jump in the video and you’ll know why they call themselves SUPER cr3w. One of [...]

Skeletons can dance too!

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Hats off to this guy. He’s got magic in his fingers! An awesome skeleton puppet dance. I liked the way the puppet starts crying when it sees that there’s not much money being offered by the people watching the show. Its cute ;o)

Doesn’t look like a break dancer..but he sure BREAKS

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Check this guy out! He’s got no bones! When I saw him first I said to myself that this is gonna be another boring video and was about to watch some other clip. But then the curious side of me told me to wait and watch (how else do I know the reason for the [...]

Phroot tree… who else but Laloo

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If you read the papers today, there’s a small article in most of the dailies about a funny video of Lalu trying to translate a Hindi poem to English in the parliament. I was curious to have a look at it and boy was it hilarious! Have a look yourself and let me know what [...]

A funny take on Bill Gates and Windows

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This old man’s gonna drive Bill Gates nuts if he were to ever hear him speak. Have a look at him comparing his type writer and computers and also thanking God that Bill Gates doesn’t produce television sets ;o)


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