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Aila…. check this out

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A funny gag on our dear cricketers and ekta kapoor (how can she be missing if its something related to teleserials). You are gonnna love the action replays ;o)

A peek-a-boo into the premier of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

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I know the film’s released yesterday and this is not the time to put up the premier video… but I chanced upon it only now (If I were to attend the premier of some film someday then would be the first one in the world to immediately post the video for all of you to [...]

This is madness… THIS IS MOOD INDIGOooo

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I had to… Had no choice.. This chaps amazing

Red mystery

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Well I know magic’s all about fast hands… but what do you have to say about this!! Any guesses how this is done?

Kkkhekda Kapoor!!

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Are you a victim of the saas bahu serials? Do you dread the letter ‘K ‘ . Here’s a spoof.. not that hilarious.. but short and sweet unlike the never ending platinum jubilee serials ;o)


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