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Britain’s sure got talent!

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Check this out. An amazing performance… and it’s got an India connection to it ;o) They call themselves ‘Signature’ and they sure are unique! I personally liked this one of all the rest. Their semifinal performance And the Grand Finale Unfortunately they did not win. George Sampson won the Talent show and here’s his videos [...]

Bill Gates – The Techie, the Legend

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The richest man in the world retires today from the company he built – Microsoft. I was digging up stuff from the net about Bill Gates and found this video of him giving a speech at Harvard. You get to watch the humorous side of Bill here.

Osho describes the most used English word – f*ck

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Check out Osho explaining the various ways in which the word f*ck can be used. This is one hilarious video which you just can’t miss… Have all the fun while Osho says What Da F*ck

The most extreme roller coaster in America

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Check out the most extreme roller coaster to be ever built in the US. It’s got a 97 degrees turn!! Thats going 7 degrees more than verticall! And supposedly the force experienced by the users is 4 G’s.. more than what NASA astronauts go through.. Can you handle it?


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