This post’s for all you Bloggers who have a blog at ( ).

Do you have a lot of categories (labels as they are called) ?

Do you feel some of your readers would want to subscribe only to a category in your blog rather than subscribing to all the posts on the blog?

There can be many more reasons why you would want category feeds . You may be someone like me who at times blogs about films and then once a while blogs something like this post ;o)

Previously I discussed how to create category feeds for wordpress blogs .

Below are the steps to create category feeds for ( blogs :

1. Decide which category(label) feeds you want. It can be a select few or all of them. The choice is yours.

2. Suppose you decide to have a separate feed for a category named example .

3. The feed URL for the category example will be:

That’s it. I swear, you just created a category feed for your blog.

Now you can do whatever you want. Either burn this feed in feedburner or give away the raw feed to your subscribers.

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