UPDATE : You can sms "PHOONK" (without double quotes) to 57333 to participate in the PHOONK contest. 5 lucky winners will be selected.

Ram Gopal Verma has challenged that if anyone watches the movie Phoonk alone in the theatre he would give that person Rs. 5 lakh! Yeah, I know, another publicity gimmick. He seems to be desperate considering his last few films (remember Ram Gopal verma ki Aag ? I forgive you if you don’t) have bombed at the box office.

A contest will soon be launched to pick the person who will be given a shot at trying his luck to win Rs. 5 lakh by watching Phoonk all alone in the theatre. Ram Gopal Verma claims that this is the scariest movie he has ever made (I prefer giving the scariest movie title to his previous movie – Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag )

Phoonk marks Kannada actor Sudeep ‘s bollywood debut.

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