Bloggers like me start out with a lot of enthusiasm at first but eventually lose hope and give up.

A common complaint I hear from bloggers is that it’s no use trying to compete with the big blogging networks. They say you can never beat them.

True, most of us might never be able to match the number of site visits that big blog networks get. But then, who wants to beat them! You should know that bigger the blog, more people it would employ, which means more expenses. Such blogs do need millions of visitors to survive but not you.

You are a one person wonder.

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Do not worry about the number of posts that big blogs churn out every single day. Do not focus on posting 10 posts per day, focus on posting QUALITY posts per day. Sooner or later readers will notice your blog and subscribe. Readers will spread the word to their friends. But all this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, patience and a lot of HOPE.

A few things to keep in mind when you start out as a blogger:

1. Love what you write.

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2. Do not follow the flock. Write what you like and believe in.

are you blogging this!

3. Do not keep glancing at your adsense earnings from day 1. They aren’t going to grow! Aim for at least a 1000 visitors per day before seeing any considerable rise in earnings.

blog for money

4. Do not be bothered by the success of “a 19 year old blogger” or “a 15 year old blogger”.

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5. Don’t let your world revolve only around your blog. Read, comment and promote other blogs too. You will be amazed to see the favour being returned.

network with other bloggers, make blog famous

May you get all the success you deserve ;o)

P.S. It would be great if you could add a line in the comment section to inspire other bloggers.

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