Have you had trouble reaching a place around Bangalore city?

Was there a time when you urgently needed cash but could not locate an ATM nearby?

Well, not to worry anymore if you are in Bangalore!

Latlong is a service for Bangalore city which gives you directions to any place, helps you locate ATM’s, Cinema Halls, restaurants and other such utilities easily.

Whats more convenient is that the service is available at no extra charge via SMS. Your service provider may charge you according to your SMS plan.

SMS to 90088 90088

find place bangalore, locate place bangalore

Examples :

If you wanted to get directions to Sanjay Nagar from M.G. Road send an sms :

GO m g road TO sanjay nagar

Similarly, if you needed to find an ATM near infantry road :

WHERE atm NEAR infantry road

So the next time you need to know where you can have a cup of coffee near M.G. ROAD , all you need to do is send an sms


Trust me, a lot can happen over coffee ;o)

Note: The keywords are NOT case sensitive.

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