Cuil (pronounced as cool) is a new search engine by a bunch of former Google employees. The founders claim that they can cache the web faster and cheaper than Google thanks to their new architecture. The founders of cuil have apparently told investors that indexing cost would be as low as 1\10 of Google’s indexing cost. To give you an idea of how much this would save, Google spends around a billion Dollars a year on the back-end infrastructure!

The big question is, will Cuil be able to beat Google?  I know of two giants who have been trying to do this for years now – Yahoo and Microsoft but with no success.

And hey, I’m a big Google fan (almost everyone is) so I tried comparing this query in both the search engines. And Google won hands down. Wanna know what the search query was?


Try it out for yourself. So friends, do you think cuil would ever be able to beat Google?

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