Too good to believe it huh! I too couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the site. But guess what, it’s so very true.

You can have your own domain name without paying anything! This is such good news for all those who have their blogs on , and other such blogging sites.

Register Free Domain Here

Specify the URL to which you want the domain to forward to. To make you understand what I mean, try this link . You will see that the domain points to my site, In the same way you can have the new domain that you register point to any URL of your choice!

What are you waiting for? Go register that domain name you’ve always wanted without paying anything.

Please note that the site claims that if a domain doesn’t get at least 25 hits in 90 days then the domain registered by you will be cancelled. You may also be interested in reading the wikipedia article .

I hope this post has helped you. You can help this blog too by promoting it. Link back, tell your friends, Blogroll, stumble it, digg it do anything you like ;o)

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