Gmail allows you to use keyboard shortcuts. You need to enable it before you can start using these keyboard shortcuts.

Enable keyboard shortcuts for Gmail by clicking on Settings followed by the Keyboard shortcuts on radio button found under the General tab.

These Gmail shortcuts will help you use Gmail more conveniently and faster too.

j – Go to older conversations

k – Go to newer conversations

0 or Enter key – Open a conversation

e – Archive a conversation

[  -  Archive and move to the previous conversation

] – Archive and move to the next conversation

s – Star a conversation

x – Select a conversation

r – Reply, a – Reply to all

Ctrl + s – Saves the message being composed by you as draft

/ – Search

? – See all keyboard shortcuts

There are a lot more keyboard shortcuts on Gmail. You can find the complete list here.

These are just some of the shortcuts I use regularly apart from the search tricks and thought it would be appropriate .

P.S. The most used keyboard shortcut by me is usually ‘e’ (to archive a conversation quickly) or ‘]’ (to archive and view the next conversation)

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