Drona has yet to release but it’s director Goldie Behl has already announced his intentions to make a sequel to Drona. Goldie says it doesn’t matter whether Drona is received well by the public or not. According to Goldie, Drona has a prequel too! So, if he has his way then we would be able to see 3 movies in the Drona series.

Drona Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek would be a part of the movie no doubt. Casting Abhishek is obvious as we all know that Goldie-Abhishek relationship is just like Karan-Shahrukh combination – they are inseparable. Goldie’s dad, the late Ramesh Behl , had produced and directed films with Amitabh Bachchan . Previously Goldie had made his debut with the movie ‘Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai ‘ starring Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee .

goldie behl, sonali bendre

Goldie adds that Abhishek is like a younger brother to him and he would always make films with him unless Abhishek has some objections with it.

Drona is a movie based on supernatural powers and Goldie claims that the film will be liked by both children as well as adults. He says the film falls into the category of ‘Harry Potter ‘ and ‘Indiana Jones ‘.

It’s a story about Aditya (played by Abhishek), a descendant of a royal family, who fights with a powerful evil magician named Ritz played by Kay Kay Menon , in oder to save the world from this evil magician.

Supposedly, a huge amount of money (somewhere in the range of Rs. 22 crores) has been spent by the producers of the movie for the look of Ritz, his den and troops. Goldie says he spent so much because he wanted to portray Ritz as powerful as possible because Goldie believes that more powerful the villian gets in a film the more intense and exciting the film becomes.

Goldie Behl also went on to add that the highlight of the film Drona is Jaya Bachchan . He asks the viewers to watch out for Jaya’s role in the movie. This will be the first time Jaya Bachchan will be playing the reel life mother to Abhishek.

Drona releases on October 2nd. Let’s see if Goldie gets a golden award for the movie ;o)

P.S. Just for the records, Goldie Behl is married to actress Sonali Bendre.

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