Google’s just launched it’s own browser named Chrome . Download it here

Chrome’s the Internet hottie right now. The whole blogosphere was gung ho about its launch. As soon as the link for downloading Chrome was made available by Google, there was a mad rush with everyone putting up blog posts about the pros and cons of Chrome. From what I have seen, heard and read many liked Chrome but a few said that they would still stick to Firefox or Opera (do not know any IE lovers).

Chrome has a clean design and it loads pages faster than other browsers. There’s a new Javascript engine built by Google which is pretty fast too.

Since this is just the beginning, we can expect a lot of good things to come by in Chrome. I know a lot of us are going to be dedicated users of Chrome right away while many others would be watching Chrome closely and would adopt it completely as and when Google comes out with some WOW features (I hope they do)

As of writing this post, Chrome’s available only for Windows. But google promises to come out with the Mac and Linux versions pretty soon.

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