Google Chrome , the supposedly cool and simple to use browser from Google has finished 100 days, engages 10 million active users and is out of beta.

TechCrunch was one of the first to post about this as it was Google vice president Marissa Mayer who made this information public in an interview with Michael Arrington at Le Web 08

Google Chrome out of Beta

Out of Beta in 100 days. A Google product!

Well, the official google blog claims that the "beta" tag is being removed because Google’s goals of achieving stability and performance have been met. Do you really think Chrome is as good a browser (by Google standards) that it needs to come out of beta!

There is something more to this than meets the eye. A birdie told me that the removal of the ‘beta’ tag has more to do with corporate business than anything else.

Chrome was built so that more and more users are hooked on to Google. Google wants to target large organizations and get them to use Chrome. But, organizations are usually either reluctant to use a ‘beta’ product or their policies won’t allow them to do that.

Apart from this, by getting Chrome out of Beta, Google has now added Chrome as the default browser in the Google Pack . Previously, it was Firefox that was the default browser available in the pack.

Now you know why Chrome comes out of ‘beta’ so soon ;o)

So, Google seems to have compromised on its beta forever (well, almost forever) policy in order to gain a larger market share for Chrome in the shortest possible time.

This is not the only exception. Chrome was aggressively advertised by Google on the homepage as well as all its other sites such as YouTube, Orkut etc.

Does that mean we need to remind Google of it’s first policy :

Don’t Be Evil

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