I’m a big Google fan and love to spread news about their services. Google has had Phone Search for users of Hyderabad city in India for some time now, and they have just released this service to users of Mumbai and Bangalore too!

Since I currently stay at Bangalore, this was good news to me. I immediately tried out the service and boy, did I love it or DID I LOVE IT!!

For Google Phone search to work, all you need to do is call their toll free number 1-800-41-999-999 and speak out what you want to search.

Example :I called up the number from my mobile phone and said "Movies". The software detected without any problems what I needed and asked me to speak out the name of a theatre or movie. I said the name of the theatre and immediately an sms containing the movies and show timings in that theatre was sent to me!

If you are in any one of these cities, do try out Google Phone Search. It’s going to change the way we search for businesses over phone.

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