A few weeks back Google added some enhancements to Google Reader and now comes news of a major upgrade.

When I started using Google Reader, I was of the opinion that it had the best interface and nothing could beat it. But I guess, if there’s someone who can beat Google, it’s Google itself!

Google Reader new look

As described in detail at the Google Reader blog, the following changes have been made to Google Reader :

1. Look and Feel: The Reader has been made cleaner than before. It’s less cluttered with more white space.

2. Collapsible Navigation: A much needed feature that allows you to collapse the various panes on the left sidebar.

3. Hide Unread Counts: Tell me seriously, how many times have you been bogged down by the sheer amount of unread messages in your reader? Next time, just hide the damn thing ;o)

Besides these, the Add Subscription button has been moved up and you can refresh a subscription by simply clicking on the subscription name in the sidebar.

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