Google SMS Channels lets you subscribe to various content on the Internet and receive updates on such subscriptions through SMS. Google SMS Channels not only allows subscriptions to your favourite blogs and their feeds but also lets you create groups where your friends can subscribe and then you can send messages within this group for free! Now how cool is that ;o)

Currently this service is available only in India but Google plans to go international with this product in the near future. A good list of FAQ’s which will clear almost all the doubts that you may have about Google SMS channels can be found here.

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You need to have a google account to use this service. You also need to select a nickname and verify your mobile number before you can start subscribing and creating your own channels on Google SMS Channels.

Google SMS Channels is similar to which has been around for quite some time now. A lot of people have been suggesting that Google sms channel is the end for but I feel otherwise. I don’t think SMSGupShup would go down so easily. Lets hope things get better in this sms space and we users get the best deal.

You can subscribe to iSimplyBlog’s SMS Channel here.

Do let me know if you create any SMS Channels of your own and don’t forget to subscribe to mine ;o)

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