Every weekend I need to crack my head finding some new place to hangout. It gets really boring to go to the same cafe or restaurant. There seems to be something good here.

I received this mail as a forward from a friend of mine that has a list of all the hangouts in Bangalore city. I thought it would be best to put it up here so that all my Bangalore readers benefit from it. Hope the list helps you to decide what place to hangout this weekend ;o)

Thanks to the list, I now know about all the bowling alleys in the city :-P

If you think the list lacks some cool place then leave a comment with the details of the place. A lot of people will thank you for it ;o)

Click here for the list of Bangalore hangouts

P.S. If you have or can make a similar list for other cities and mail me (iSimplyBlog[at]gmail.com), then I would be more than happy to place the link here in this post. Come on. Take the initiative. You do not need to put up all the places. Whatever you know is enough. Others will update it I’m sure ;o)

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