Orkut has disabled right click on images in the albums. But a lot of times you may need to download and save images of either you or your friends on your desktop.

Listed below are various ways to download images from Orkut Albums using Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox or Opera .

1. Download Orkut Images using Firefox:

  • Click Tools -> Page Info

download orkut images album

  • Select the Media option

download images orkut album

  • Select the image you want to download (usually its the one with the longest name)
  • Click Save As

2. Download Orkut images using Internet Explorer:

  • Click File -> Save As
  • Select Save as type as Webpage, complete (*.htm;*.html)

orkut album image download

  • Click Save
  • Open the folder that is created along with the html page and search for the image you wanted.

3. Download Orkut images using Opera:

  • Right Click is not disabled in Opera!
  • Right Click on the image you want to download from Orkut and click Save Image.

Hope this helps you at times when you really need to download images from social networking sites such as Orkut but cannot do so in the traditional ways.

Please do not misuse these options to download images of people you do not know or aren’t friends with.

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