As I had mentioned in my previous post on adding pages to Blogs, if you do not have a straight way of doing something then there’s always a workaround ;o)

We make use of the ‘private‘ post option that posterous has in order to avoid the static page that we will create from being displayed in the RSS feeds as well as the blog.

I guess this must be the first hack for posterous ever written (I hope so). Of course, it’s a very simple one and not that great but I really needed this. I did not want to clutter my posterous by writing a description about my blog and displaying it on the sidebar. So, I decided I needed a way to add pages to posterous.

Adding a page to your Posterous Blog is really simple. Just follow the steps as below:

1. Write a post with the content that you want to display in your soon to be created posterous page.

2. Click on ‘More post editing options‘ link present just above the ‘Create‘ Button.

3. Check the option ‘Private‘.

4. Click on ‘Create‘ .

5. You now have a private post that will not be visible in your blog or turn up in your rss feed.

6. Go to ‘Edit my profile‘ link of your posterous blog.

7. In the section where you write description about yourself or the blog, paste the URL of the private post that you created a few seconds ago in this format

<a href=”URL of your private post here“> Any name that you want to display to the user </a>

8. Save the profile and have a look.

You can check out my posterous to have a look at how I have added two pages instead of writing about me or the blog in the area where the blog description is supposed to be written.

About Posterous : Posterous is a blogging platform that is really simple to use and trust me, you will fall in love with it the very first time you use it. The ease with which you can post on posterous through email and the way posterous handles images that you mail it, is just amazing.

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