Mozilla Firefox lets you create different profiles so that you can have more than one instance of Firefox on your computer.

Creating multiple profiles can be beneficial in a number of ways.

I have multiple Firefox profiles – one for blogging, another for trying out new plugins, yet another which has absolutely no plugins (Firefox is the fastest when its the lightest) and so on.

Here’s how you create Firefox Profiles in Microsoft Windows :

  • Go to Start
  • Select the Run option
  • Type in firefox.exe -ProfileManager
  • Firefox Profile

  • You would now see a small window which has various options and displays the current default profile.
  • firefox profile

  • Click Create Profile
  • Give a name to the new profile
  • create profile firefox

You are now ready to use the newly created Firefox profile which is like a fresh installation of Mozilla Firefox.

Note : You cannot run multiple profiles simultaneously.

Every time you start Firefox, the profile select dialog would be displayed. IF you do not want the dialog to appear every time you start firefox then select the Don’t ask at startup check box.

create firefox profile new

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