You can share items from websites which do not have an RSS feed with the help of Google Reader !

Follow the steps below and you should be good with sharing almost anything available over the Internet  with your friends and fans

  • Go to your Google Reader
  • Click Notes link present in your left sidebar
  • Find the link labeled Note in Reader . Click this link and drag it to your browsers toolbar. What we did here was to create something called as Bookmarklet. Bookmarklets help you bookmark sites that you are currently browsing.

(Click the image to enlarge )

share web pages without rss

  • You can now start sharing any site you want without having to bother if the site has an RSS feed or not.
  • Click the bookmarklet while you are at the site you want to share. You can also shares only portions of the site. You need to highlight the portion you need to share and then click the Bookmarklet.
  • Once you click the Bookmarklet, you’ll be given the option to add a note to your shared item. You’ll also be given the option to exclude the item from your shared items, allowing you to keep it just for your own reference.

The item you’ve noted can be viewed in the Notes section of your sidebar, and in your Shared Items if you chose to share your note publicly.

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