I thought I wouldn’t be blogging about referral stuff on my blog. But then this is more than just a referral network. I am speaking about mGinger (which was launched around a year ago)

What I liked the most about this service is that you get really relevant ads in your mobile as sms. As I am hooked up at bangalore due to my work, I get to know about all the cool offers running in the city from time to time thanks to this service. Not only that. every time you receive an sms from mGinger, you get paid too!! Now don’t start dreaming of being a millionaire due to this. But yeah, if you manage to get a fairly large network of friends under you, then you might just be able to clear up your mobile phone bill at least once in a year . Not bad, considering even if you aren’t able to achieve this, you would still be satisfied because of the cool offers that would come your way just for registering.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself registered right away and ask your network of friends to join under you.

Click here (It’s my referral link..so you would be coming under my network of friends)

I had joined mGinger around the time it was launched i.e. almost an year ago. But judging by the way I receive sms’s now, I feel the service is really kicking in.

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