Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor had a heated argument on the sets of Kambakht Ishq while shooting for the movie along with Sylvester Stallone !

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Apparently Kareena had to kiss Sylvester Stallone on the cheeks and it took her 3 takes to get the scene right (lucky sly). And our Saif was at the film shoot. Now how could he be watching all this without objecting? He had an argument over this with Kareena and Kareena was heard shouting back at him saying if he did not like all this then he shouldn’t be coming to watch her shoot.

Kareena apparently went back to continue her shooting with Sylvester. She was also later seen having a long chat with Sylvester. Apparently, Kareena’s been all excited about the opportunity to work with Sylvester(now which bollywood actress wouldn’t be?)

Nobody knows how long Saif and Kareena are gonna be a couple, but of all the people, Saif is the one who dreads the break up. Know why? What the hell will he do with that long tattoo of Kareena’s name etched on his arm huh?

Ab issay kaisa mitaau?

Do you think the Saif-Kareena pair is better than the Shahid-Kareena one?

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