Kareena Kapoor has been invited to Pataudi , hometown of Saif Ali Khan . For those of you who do not know, Pataudi is the ancestral village of Saif and they are the Nawab’s of that place. Saif’s dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi is the 9th Nawab of Pataudi.

So you say it’s no big deal if Kareena’s been invited to Pataudi huh! Well, for starters, none of Saif’s previous girlfriends have ever been invited to this village by the family before. So this shows that Saif and Kareena’s relationship is being taken seriously by the Pataudi family.

Saif is said to get along pretty well with Kareena’s mom Babita . Now it seems like it’s Kareena’s turn to impress her future in-laws (can she?). Besides, rumours have been floating around that Soha Ali Khan isn’t really happy with Saif and Kareena’s jodi. So it’ll help Kareena if Saif’s other family members take a liking to her.

Whether somebody likes it or not, but a majority of people are of the opinion that the Saif-Kareena jodi isn’t going to last long. But with news like this, isn’t it time to rethink people?

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