Keyboardr integrates google search, google image search, youtube search, wikipedia and a few more services and returns the results in a single page.

I know what your first reaction would be – “That would clutter the page!” .

But I was surprised to see that the site has a smart design which really doesn’t clutter the results. It’s clean and simple.

What I really liked about Keyboardr is the keyboard navigation of the entire page. It’s awesome!

keyboardr search something

The developers plan to integrate a lot more services in the times to come.

What they say:

keyboardr is a homepage. It speeds up your Internet experience.
And if you like, it helps you keeping your hands on the keyboard.

In the first place keyboardr is a meta-search. You get Google, Wikipedia, Youtube altogether. The instant search and the keyboard navigation are replacing the feeling of “searching” with the feeling of “launching”.

Give Keyboardr a try

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