LeapFish is a meta search engine. By meta search, we mean search engines that use services from other search engine providers to display results.

meta search engine

So whats great you ask eh?

I’m not a big fan of such meta searchers but LeapFish looks a lot better and more appealing than the hundreds of met search engines out there.

The clean interface coupled with the entire site being AJAXy, makes it so much easier to search multiple search engines.

The ease with which you can search not only the regular search results, but from blogs, images, news and videos makes LeapFish an indispensable site.

For all you lazy people, check out the sites pagination. The moment you click on the page number to go to the next page, the site automatically gets you to the top of the page! Sweet isn’t it?

Trust me, this is one meta search engine that is not going to be irritating to use.

If you do not like the AJAXy feel, you also have the option to switch over to a more traditional approach to search, although I prefer the AJAXy one.

Do give LeapFish a spin and let me know if you like it ;o)

P.S. I just made LeapFish my homepage!

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