Manoj Kumar has filed a case against the television premiere of Shah Rukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om . The case has been filed due to the scenes in the film that depict Manoj Kumar being beaten up outside a movie theatre. He has also objected to the drunken speech that Shah Rukh gives in the film and at the end of it says that he’s Manoj Kumar.

Manoj Kumar says he is taking this step after repeated requests to have the scenes deleted fell on deaf ears. He further adds that he’ll do whatever it takes to preserve his dignity.

All Shah Rukh fans would be sorely disappointed if the premiere of the film is stalled. It would be interesting to see what the court has to say in this regard.

UPDATE 1 (07-08-2008) : More trouble for Om Shanti Om and Shah Rukh Khan . Now a script writer named Ajay Monga says that the script of Om Shanti Om was originally his!! Read the whole story here.

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